New Breakthrough In Facial Skin Care, Effectively Treats And Prevents Acne – Results In Smooth And Blemish-Free Skin

Acne is probably one of the most embarrassing conditions you will ever experience because most often it appears on the face, which can affect a person’s looks, and lower their self-confidence. 

Very often, acne affects younger people at a time of life when they should be going out, socialising, and generally enjoying themselves. 

Acute cases of acne can lead to other skin problems too such as unsightly scarring, and pockmarks. However, much of this personal discomfort, and shame can be avoided or quickly brought under control.

Here’s how one young woman who was profoundly affected by acne, managed to get her life back. Olivia Smith is a 21-year old Admin Assistant from Princeton, New Jersey. 

She first experienced an outbreak of acne when she was just 15 years old, and for the next 5 years, her life was a total misery. 

Olivia takes up her story. “Well, as you might imagine, I was a young woman growing up, looking forward to going out and meeting people but all through my years of college, I was a loner.”

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Life was simply passing me by…

She added, “When I was 17-years old, a boy I really liked made fun of my looks. That’s because I had some serious acne on both sides of my face that made me feel really ugly. To say I was self-conscious would be an understatement. 

From that day, I began to avoid going out in the evenings and at weekends. When everyone else was enjoying themselves, going to clubs, partying and dating, I stayed home and just watched TV. My life was simply passing me by.”

Olivia became a virtual recluse, dropped out of college, and became very depressed over her looks. Her parents were obviously very worried about her state of mind. 

Despite trying all kinds of skin creams, and lotions, including prescription treatments, her acne was persistent. Her parents arranged for her to see a psychologist for her mental state, and a dermatologist for her physical condition. 

Eventually, Olivia became resigned to fact that she would just have to live with her condition. So, she plucked up the courage to go out and find a job.

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I couldn’t see a single flaw in her face…

Now in her late teens, Olivia settled into the routine of working in an office environment, where she met some friends who were very supportive. 

She explains, “Although I loved my job, and my friends were great, I hated the way I looked, and I still hadn’t been on a date. One day, at work, I became emotionally overwhelmed, and stepped outside for some fresh air. I then just burst into tears. I couldn’t control myself. 

A few seconds later one of the older girls from another office stepped out for a cigarette, and came over to ask me what was wrong. When I told her, she said that she too had experienced the same problem a few years ago. 

To be honest, she looked beautiful I couldn’t see a single flaw in her face. She told me she used a high frequency therapy device called Elevaderm that cleared up her acne in a matter of weeks. She said it also cleared all signs of scarring. Well, I just had to try it.”

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Facial skin was becoming really smooth, and supple…

Later that day, Olivia visited the Elevaderm website and placed an order. The device was delivered a few days later, and on her very first use of the product, she noticed a marked improvement. 

What she wasn’t expecting was over the next few days, not only was her acne disappearing but the scarring was also disappearing. Her facial skin was becoming really smooth, and supple. This amazing device was actually healing, and repairing her skin at the same time. 

The Elevaderm high frequency device works by stimulating the blood vessels beneath the skin, rejuvenating skin tissue and promoting an invigorating effect on the skin’s surface. 

The device’s safe and gentle vibrations result in healthy looking, blemish-free facial skin, and after just 3-5 minutes of home treatment a day. 

In most cases, all acne can be completely cleared within a few short weeks, and after that, there is a noticeable reduction in scarring, and blemishes.

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The highly effective Elevaderm high frequency device…

Olivia told us, “I can’t believe how effective this device has been. I’ve been using it now for 6 weeks, and my face is completely clear of all traces of acne. 

I feel like a new person. My confidence is sky high, I’m smiling a lot more, and I’m not hiding from anyone. 

What’s more, I’ve turned 21 now, and I have just had my first date with a really handsome guy. Elevaderm has given me my life back and I would highly recommend it to anyone, both men and women, regardless of age.”

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